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Urban styled clothing and apparel Brand LML Clothing by Halfwait is a new online clothing and apparel store. The online store showcases and provides various options in Urban inspired and custom styled new trends to suit Men's, Women's and Youth's Clothing apparel and Footwear. All designs are custom made and inspired by the brands vision and influences which have been incorporated with the brands unique and Authentic Halfwait Logo design featured on the Urban styled clothing brands range of items and collections. Halfwait are an Australian Rock band who have been actively involved in the entertainment industry both touring and releasing music internationally since 2017 with their latest releases being "My past" and "Live my life" which were both released towards the end of 2021 and are available on all leading digital platforms along with the Official Music Videos which were premiered on Youtube by Vevo on behalf of Vydia. Jon Barca Vocals/Guitar is the Owner and creative director of LML Clothing Store By Halfwait which started in the beginning of March 2022. Jon Barca begun this project and the concept of the brand idea that would lead to LML Clothing Store originally from working with Influencer platform and Clothing Company Represent Merchandise, which are based in Los Angeles, California. Music: Remember That Night by Sara Kays Get Remember That Night? by Sara Kays here https://lickd.lnk.to/EhwcIAID!LML%20C...


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